Matcha and the journey

img_20190805_205718Some Matcha green tea with a view 💖my latest therapeutic intervention!

After a long absence from blogging, I am tentatively finding my way back. A lot has happened over the last number of years.  Our journey as a family has taken us many different places.  We have experienced some amazing highs and some devastating lows.  I am looking forward to seeing where this next chapter goes…

This past year has been a crazy one and some of you will know I have been pretty ill recovering from an eating disorder. It is not often talked about but I wanted to honour all those who struggle with this illness and work to end the stigma.

While I am still recovering, I am learning the importance of taking time to be still, to reconnect with my heart’s passions and practice self compassion.

Perhaps these are things we could all benefit from practicing ❤️

I hope to share some of my healing journey with you.

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