Who are your tree planters?

Many different people come to see our farm on a regular basis. Today we had tree experts come to visit. They were there to make an assessment of the land and advise on tree planting. They surveyed the direction of the prevailing wind, the contours of our hilly landscape and soil quality. They highlighted areas around the farm with optimal conditions like; sunlight, water supply and good soil quality. They came, they looked and they saw potential. Potential for a forest!

My creative mind couldn’t resist using this analogy. How often do we come across tree planters in our lives? These are the individuals who come alongside us and see us where we are at. They take notice of the landscape of our lives and minds: the contours of our life experiences. These people highlight the areas within us with optimal conditions for growth.

They observe our abundant wells of creativity, and the areas where we light up with vitality. They recognise the richness to the soil of our very being, and see it is ready for planting. They see our potential!

I heard a quote recently; ‘Some reach for the stars, and some push others towards them’ (Aeronauts). Oh how I love this! Encouragers. Those who believe in others. They nurture self-belief. They see people for who they are, and capture their potential.

Do we have these people in our lives? I can think of a couple of people who stand out for me. Cherish these precious souls. I wonder though, can we welcome the sincerity of someone’s encouragement in our lives? In Northern Ireland in particular, we seem to find it difficult to accept compliments or encouragement. Are we receptive to another’s observations of our potential and growth?

One step further, who are we planting seeds of belief and hope within? Do we stop long enough to see; to hear, to cherish another’s heart and inner landscape? If so, why not share what you see? Inspire potential. Encourage the growth of another human soul.

The amazing thing about planting trees is that they will be around for many years to come. In fact their presence will be visible long after we are gone. They are an investment in the lives of future generations, bringing; shelter, oxygen, beauty, soil cohesion and so many more gifts.

Planting a tree in another’s life will have that same far reaching affect…the possibilities are endless and have huge potential to impact individuals and communities now and in generations to come.

So let us cherish our tree planters and sow seeds in the lives of others!

2 thoughts on “Who are your tree planters?

  1. Beautiful message! I remember when I was an addictions counselor, I planted a lot of seeds. Some didn’t make it, some I’ll never know…. but every now and then, even in retirement, I come across a person who has become strong and well, some even planting seeds of hope in others, and I and grateful. We just have to go on planting seeds and taking care of ourselves, too.


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