Dandelion wishes and Hope’s dreams

I feel this blog has been formulating for a few weeks now, ever since I came across the first brave dandelion clock standing proudly in our front field. Since then, there has been an explosion of dandelions and other wildflowers, the beauty of spring sprinkling her colours all around.

The dandelion clock has always been a precious concept to me; the idea that potential can be released even when it is not always understood in its current form. Some regard this flower as merely a weed, while others affectionately treasure it as the holder and releaser of dreams. Perspective is everything.

The other day as I walked down through the flowery meadow I revelled in the sights and sounds; the smells; the fresh clean air filling my lungs…it was beautiful: the gift of the present. As I shifted from this noticing, my attention moved to the seeding dandelions. To my amusement, I could see my spaniel pups excitedly bouncing around eating the seed heads. With a smirk, a thought came to mind, don’t they realise they are missing the opportunity to make wishes?

I have always been a dreamer. Being able to look beyond present difficulties and envision what possibilities could exist with time, has always been a source of comfort and strength for me. As I reflected, I became aware of how I haven’t been drawing on this reserve much of late. Instead current circumstances had almost clouded access to this precious resource.

Many would suggest that there is a danger in disengaging from reality and getting lost in dreaming of the future. And I agree to a point. There is potential to get drawn into the future at the expense of the present. Equally, I was reminded by a recent webinar that, the past is also in our present.

I prefer to see us as multidimensional human beings. I believe in the wealth of experience and lessons that can be drawn from them all. When we get stuck in one place I reckon that’s where difficulties arise.

If we only live in the past we can miss out on and lose sight of the present, and hope of a future.

If we only look to the future; all that has come before, and all that is around us can pass us by.

Living only for the moment we can easily lose sight of the lessons from the past that infuse the present with wisdom. Future aspirations and dreams can nurture and nourish hope in our present.

I love the idea of balance and integration of all three. When we are anchored and embody the present, there is capacity to see beyond: to hope, to dream.

Every once in a while we can have dreams that can get dashed by difficulties and unexpected events, and they can really knock us down. Unexpected events like pandemics can certainly unsettle our hearts. Maybe now more than ever we need to hold on to our hopes and dreams. It could even be the time to start reaching out and grasping those dreams long since birthed within; or perhaps to new ways of thinking, or being: a renewed purpose?

I understand however that, having a dream or hope at the moment could be the furthest thing from your reality. These are challenging and unknown times. Whatever you are facing right now, I can appreciate some of that overwhelm. I’ve been there…and I can still find myself there from time to time. But I want to encourage you that there will come a time when you will be able to hope again. Please hold on.

As I reflected on all these things, it was almost like an invitation to the ‘Dreamer’ part of me to weave her hope and creativity again, as I walked among the dandelions.

I remembered, once more, the joy of appreciating the present moment whilst also daring to believe, as I wandered through the field of hopes and dreams.

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