Hello, I am so glad you have taken some time out to visit this blog.  I started blogging about 5 years ago.

I live and work on a special community farm in Ireland with my partner and three kids, two spaniels, two cats, a turtle, a catfish and tropical fish- not to mention all the farm animals!  I love to read, run and walk barefoot on a beach.  I spend alot of time pondering the wonders of the human mind, with it’s beautiful complexity, and am passionate about being with people wherever life has them.

Life can throw us many different challenges and hardships.  I have suffered with M.E. for many years and in recent times an eating disorder.  I am no expert in suffering or recovery and I don’t desire to give out more mental health platitudes…All I know is my own pain and journey. It is my hope that what I share will encourage and inspire others who walk similar paths.  I will share some of the highs and lows of life as I experience them.  I am still on my healing journey… but then perhaps, that is where we all are!

I am available to write articles, guest blog and do speaking engagements.


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