Being real

You know it’s been a “week” when you stand at the sink trying to fill the kettle, with the lid still on it!

Sitting down at the computer to type this blog, I desperately want to write something encouraging, inspiring: but that feels difficult in this moment. You see my week’s been pretty ropey. And in the spirit of the previous blog: my week has not been ok…

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How do we deal with the brokenness we see in the world around us? The answer lies in turning our pain into passion.

Paula’s been writing a series recently on brokenness. It’s been looking at the healing we find in God’s presence, and the grace we find in our own weakness. The deepest cry of every heart is answered by Jesus Christ.

But brokenness also exists beyond the individual. We see it in families, churches, communities, nations and throughout our beautiful, broken world. When it’s something within our own lives, by God’s power we can usually get our heads round it, however hard it may be at times. When it’s the headlines on the nightly news, however – ebola, Islamic State, recession, climate change, and the list goes on – it can seem too much for us to get a handle on. Overwhelmed, the pain we feel can quickly give way to despair or disengagement. Continue reading